Primary & Secondary School

Elementary & secondary School Philosophy

In the elementary & secondary school we recognized that school must be a safe and encouraging environment that fosters risk taking necessary for the full development of a child. Realizing that children are motivated to learn when they experience success and develop understanding, teachers include finding and using information, making connections across the curriculum, and organizing learning around new concepts.

We believe that children take responsibility for their learning when they understand what it means to learn, to be reflective, and to set and personal learning goals. Knowing that children have their own unique learning styles, lessons are structured to meet the needs of all learner’s in the classroom with ongoing assessment strategies and timely feedback to support continuous learning.

Elementary & secondary Curriculum

Language Arts

The goal of the Language Arts Program in classes 1-5 is to continue to enrich young minds and to promote learning across the curriculum. Strong reading skills are developed through various sequential and structured reading programs and exposure to culturally diverse, award-winning literature. The use of a balanced reading program includes the development of strong decoding skills, vocabulary, comprehension strategies, and the attainment of fluency. Students are taught to be critical, purposeful, and careful readers, thinkers, and writers. Written work also stresses clear, neat handwriting, increasingly accurate spelling, and the use of appropriate rules of grammar and punctuation. Students in Classes 1-5 are beginning a rich tradition of oral communication.


As a third language, Hindi is taught and children are appearing for the level grade examinations conducted by the Hindi Prachar Sabha.


Mathematics at SSVS utilizes a “spiraling” curriculum that takes students on a journey from the concrete to the abstract. Students learn mathematics through interactions in meaningful events. Using manipulative, traditional computation, charts, graphs, geometry, games and units of measure, students build a solid mathematical foundation and methodically build on their knowledge year after year, constantly solidifying their skills. The program is both rigorous and balanced. Emphasis is placed on conceptual understanding while building mastery of basic skills and exploration of the full mathematics spectrum


The primary goal of the science program is to encourage students’ natural curiosity and sense of wonder. The best way for students to appreciate the scientific enterprise, learn important scientific concepts, and develop the ability to think well is to actively construct ideas through their own inquiries, investigations, and analyses. The curriculum is designed to teach students the scientific method of investigating phenomena. They begin the process by posing questions and then working either in small groups, with a partner or individually to perform experiments that test their hypotheses. Students analyze their results, summarize their findings in group discussions, and keep written records.

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum at SSVS uses a theme-based approach, exploring a variety of topics. Building and evolving at each grade level, study progresses through the grades students expand their awareness of the world in which they live. When students understand the smallest of worlds around them and how best to negotiate them, they can continually expand those worlds and their study of them.


School re-opens for the academic year 2015-16
School re-opens for the academic year 2015-16
School re-opens for the academic year 2015-16
School re-opens for the academic year 2015-16


Our School follows CCE Pattern introduced by Govt.of Tamilnadu in this Academic year 2012-13 at Elementary and High school level.


Continuous and comprehensive evaluation refers to a system of School based assessment that covers all aspects of students development.

1.Formative Assessment

Formative is a tool used by the teacher to monitor students progress continuously in a non -threatening, supportive environment. Again it is assessed as FA(a) & FA(b).

FA(a) Assessment is done using techniques such as assignments, quizzes and competitions, projects, debates, elocution, group discussions , club activities, experiments, etc.,

FA(b) is routine test which is conducted daily.

2.Summative Assessment

Summative Assessment is carried out at the end of a course of learning. It measures or sums up how much a student has learned from the course. It is usually a graded test at the end of each term which is called as Trimester.

Trimester pattern is being conducted every quarterly of the year (Trimester-I , II, III- in Sep.,Dec. &Apr respectively).



DAYSFormative Assessment FA(b)
MondayEnglish / GNDMathsTamilEnglish / GND
TuesdayTamilMathsEnglish / GNDTamil
WednesdayMathsMathsEVSEnglish / GND
ThursdayEVSMathsIII Lang / V.E/ G.K / CompTamil
FridayIII Lang / V.E/ G.K / CompMathsEnglish / GNDEnglish / GND


DAYSFormative Assessment FA(b)
MondayEnglish / GNDMathsTamilEnglish
TuesdayTamilMathsEnglish / GNDTamil
FridaySocialMathsIII Lang / V.E/ G.K / CompEnglish
SaturdayIII Lang / V.E/ G.K / CompMathsEnglish / GNDTamil



MondayEnglish / GNDMathsTamilEnglish
TuesdayTamilMathsEnglish / GNDTamil
WednesdayMathsMathsNatural ScienceEnglish
FridaySocialMathsNatural ScienceEnglish
SaturdayNatural ScienceMathsEnglish / GNDTamil
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Terminal exam timetable has been updated

10 th and 12th terminal exam time table is updated

Elocution and Painting competition

Students from std VI to IX participating in elocution and painting competition conducted by electricity board on 30/11/2017.on energy conservation

Elocution Competition

Students of Std VIII and IX participated in elocution (Tamil & English) competition in connection with kalai Aruvi Thiruvizha 2017 – 2018 of educational dept on 24/11/17.

Dengue awareness Campaign

To create awareness on dengue cleaning campaign was done by students of IX std in the school campus on 24/11/20117

Competition at Cuddalore Townhall

Our school children from various classes participated in competitions like quiz, drawing, elocution, yoga,etc held in cuddalore townhall dated from 10/11/2017 – 14/11/2017 in connection with national children's book festival 2017

microphone-black-shape (4)Blue day has been celebrated on 22.07.2016 in K.G.

microphone-black-shape (4)Red day has been celebrated on 01.07.2016 in K.G.

microphone-black-shape (4)Mind warming day is celebrated on 15.6.2013.

microphone-black-shape (4)Our school conducted refreshment program for NEET entrance exam.

microphone-black-shape (4)Motivational program By Mr.Nandhakumar. IRS to our school students on 09.07.2016

microphone-black-shape (4)Our school conducted Drawing competition regarding the awareness of “TOBACCO “ product (Evil effects)

microphone-black-shape (4)[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image="4053" title="Literary club conducted on 27.07.2017"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

microphone-black-shape (4)[vc_row][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text]

S.Jeneswar of IX Std came IInd in 100 meters at District level.


microphone-black-shape (4)[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our school conducted Elocution both in English and Tamil with regards of Kamarajar’s birthday [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]