Rules & Regulation

1.English which is the medium of instruction in this school should be normally used at all times in the school premises.

2.Every pupil must possess a school diary which must be brought to the school daily.

3.Pupils must be at the school premises at least 10 minutes before the first bell.

4. a.It is compulsory for every pupil to come to school in full uniform.
    b.Shoes and sandals should be regularly cleaned and polished.The defaulters will have to wash their dirty socks and polish their shoes.
    c.The students are expected to keep their hair tidy,neat and well combed.Girls having long hair should plait  their hair properly and use only ribbons for tying             their hair.They must not wear fancy hair clips or ear rings.Boys must have  their hair cut regularly.
    d.Keeping flowers must be avoided.
    e.Nails should be trimmed regularly.

5.Pupils are expected to be clean and tidy in their personal dress,books and belongings.

6.All the pupils are responsible to the authorities for their behaviour outside the school also.

7.Pupils are expected to take part in all the co-academic and extra-academic activities of the school as a part of civic training.No one will be excused except for legitimate reasons and only after obtaining prior permission from the authorities.

8.Every pupil must take part in school games and other activities unless declared physically unfit or exempted by the Principal.

9.No pupil suffering from a contagious or infectious disease will be allowed to attend school.

10.Open Day:Progress Reports are given to parents in person on the dates intimated in advance.It is an opportunity for parents to visit the school,scrutinize their ward’s records and consult the teachers,so that guidance at home is correlated with the methods followed in the school.They could encourage further achievement in areas where their wards are strong and adopt remedial measures suggested by teachers in areas of weakness.

11.Irregular attendance,habitual want od application,insubordination to teacher and any kind of cheating or serious misconduct or any habit or behaviour objectionable to the good tone of the schoolare sufficient reasons for punishment,upto even dismissal from school.

12.All the students are strictly forbidden to bring cell phones and wear jewellery or other valuables.The school takes no responsibility if they are lost.

13.No pupil should stay away from schoolexcept for special reasons,for which leave should be applied for,previously in writing.

14.Pupils must return to the school after the holidays on the responding day positively.

15.Permission to go home after the test or otherwise during school hours will be granted only for valid reasons.A gate pass has to be obtained from the office on production of a written request by the parents.

16.Delay in payment of fees debars a pupil from sitting for any examination.

17.No special examination will be held for the absentees under any circumstances.

18.Promotions are decided by the school authorities and hence the results are final and cannot be reconsidered under any circumstances.Parents are requested not to approach either the class teacher or any other school authority with such requests.Violations of this rule will be seriously dealt with.